Compromise Agreement Solicitors

Compromise Agreement Solicitors

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Aston Bond Solicitors is a leading specialist employment law firm. We provide employment law advice to both employers and employees throughout the UK, using a personal approach and effective communication.

We are particularly experienced with all compromise agreement related issues.

What is a compromise agreement?

A compromise agreement is a binding agreement between the employer and employee to settle a dispute or refrain the employee from bringing proceedings.

Employees may have claims against their employer under a contract of employment and/or under statute. This can be during their employment or on termination of their employment.

Usually the employer will make a payment to the employee in return for an effective waiver of any contractual or statutory employment claims.

Is a compromise agreement necessary?

Any agreement to settle or waive most statutory claims will be void unless it is:

  • Recorded in a compromise agreement – that complies with certain statutory requirements; or
  • Agreed through Acas or under the Acas Arbitration scheme.

A compromise agreement is often the preferred choice over an agreement with Acas.

Do I need a compromise agreement lawyer?

For a compromise agreement to be binding, the employee must have received independent legal advice. That advice can only be given by a qualified lawyer, a qualified trade union official or a qualified advice centre worker, all of whom must be covered by an appropriate certificate of indemnity insurance.

All of our compromise agreement lawyers meet this requirement and will be duly listed in the compromise agreement.

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